It’s that time

The last 13 years of named years are:

1997 – The Year of Come Up ‘Ems (Comeupance?)
1998 – The Year of Kept Promises
1999 – (we don’t know but we think The Year of Grace)
2000 – The Year of Unease
2001 – The Year of Unveiling: May All Things Be Revealed for What They Really Are
2002 – The Year of Small Things
2003 – The Year of the Last Girls: Rewriting the Dictionary
2004 – The Year of Luminous Things
2005 – The year of Ensenada
2006 – The year of Piece of Mine
2007 – The year of the delta
2008 – The year of the untouchables
2009 – The Year of Patience
2010 – The year of Letting Loose the Hounds

So what will 2011 be?

It’s that time

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