Named before its born

2011 is officially The Year of Squeezing the Salty Peach.

Other nominations include The Year of the Fine Line, The Year of Bright Lights, and The Year of Taking Notice and Being Noticed.  In my own personal lore on this subject, the discarded names have their pull on the year as well.

Explanation for the name?  Once upon a time, GLP’s grandmother insisted upon buying fresh peaches when the family drove to the ocean.  This tradition was repeated on one of the few group vacations we took, except in our version, salt was added to the peaches instead of sugar.  Somehow the salt, though not ideal, has become a happy memory.  So squeezing the salty peach is about finding joy where you are and making the most of what you’ve got.   Being present to yourself (and for the girls, their families) instead of fretting about the future or the past.

Happy already-here New Year to the Eastern Hemisphere, and happy anticipated New Year to the Western Hemisphere.  Personally, I wonder if those dopes from the Subaru commercials really do make it out to the eastern-most point in the US to be the first to welcome the New Year to North America….

One of those lingering questions I’ll never get an answer to, I suppose.

Named before its born

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