Yes, it’s this exciting.  1/1/11 and I’m watching the History Channel’s show on Marijuana.  As they do on these things, they threw out a number there to deomonstrate how big and expensive the war on drugs is.  $600 billion.  Like the government went out and bought $600 billion on a new dress that doesn’t fit.  Or six flat screen TVs.

When you cut funding to law enforcement, everyone screams.  But the government spends $600 billion and we scream too.  What do you think they spent that money on?  Law enforcement, dopes.  And helicopters.  Where do you think they buy the helicopters from?  Companies.  Who makes the helicopters (or whatever it is)?  People.  People who need jobs.

The rightness or wrongness of the war on drugs is beyond my scope at the moment.  My point is that the current groundswell of voices calling for reduced government spending, lower taxes, and more jobs are frankly, contradictory.  What do you think the government spends money on?  Everything they buy is a job for someone.  Everything else pretty much goes to government workers – more jobs.  (The subject of us government workers and the disaster that they are is a whole different discussion.)

When the government spends less, what do you get?  Fewer jobs.  I’m not advocating one or the other, I’m just pointing out the obvious.


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