Today’s Cliche

I’m sure there is a scientific explanation for this, but it seems that snow brings a certain quality of silence with it.  This silence is compounded by power outages.  What’s left (assuming no one in the neighborhood has a snow blower) is a massive aural space between the organic sounds that humans make.  Your own breathing.  The rhythmic scrape of a shovel on pavement.  Neighbors who haven’t spoken since the last “snow event” saying hello.

I walked the dog through our power-free neighborhood two nights ago.  The snow had almost finished.  There was a fairytale quality to it – not like prince charming was lurking somewhere around the corner, but in the way that anything is possible in a fairytale.  The silence made room for the magic.  Somehow all of our mechanical whirring and clicking and buzzing and ticking doesn’t leave any room for fairies.

Today’s Cliche

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