So I’ve been posting a lot recently.  Mostly because of what I need to remind myself of.  Partially because there’s a short list of people I love who are spending a lot of time being hard on themselves.  All that self-recrimination is just fostering more of the same.  For various and assorted reasons, this is stuff that I am not in a position to state explicitly to the individuals themselves, so I’m saying it here.  It comes down to this…

If you give up on these ideas you have about what you are or are not and how that compares to your ideal; if you just accept that you’re never going to be everything you want to be, if you scale back your expectations for yourself… all that energy that you’ve been spending making yourself feel like crap is now available for doing the things that truly matter.   Starting from where you are isn’t giving up.  I promise, it isn’t.  There’s a duality in radical acceptance – it looks like giving up, but it’s really just freeing up resources so you can use that energy to move towards everything that you want.


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