Long Ball

I am, of course, using this term all wrong.  Or at least mostly wrong.  Long ball is a football thing (which automatically means you should start laughing) and it’s about trying to get the ball down the field to the goal post.

Which is sort of what I mean when I remind myself to play long ball.  But what I am telling myself is to stop playing like today is the only day and that all of my answers need to happen right now and all of my feel better had better show up immediately or my little world is going to crumble before me and nothing will ever happen again and … the anxiety is already showing up just from typing that.

When you’re playing long ball, you can ignore the little ups and downs, a few yards lost here, an inch gained there.  Because you’re playing for where you want to be, not where you are.

And don’t ask me how this fits into the aforementioned radical acceptance, show up, business.  Maybe because you can’t get to the goal if you don’t show up first and you can’t show up if you are so busy spending energy on the shoulds that live in the gap between what you are and what you want to be.

Also, no one is saying that I’m going to get to the goalposts, just that I need reminding that I’m playing for them.

Long Ball

One thought on “Long Ball

  1. We can take this even further and consider the Long Life. Probably best demonstrated in “Cloud Atlas”, but a part of some Buddhist and Hindu teachings, the Long Life starts long before this one and continues on after this one. For me, this concept helps put my thoughts and actions in perspective, my wants and desires, my irritations, and disappointments.


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