A Conundrum

There once was a man with regrets.  It came to pass that a charlatan visited his town and sold this man a broken time machine.  This man emptied out his savings account to purchase this broken time machine, knowing full well that it was broken.  The then devoted his life to putting money into that time machine and sending it backwards to the man he used to be.  He climbed the career ladder in one field, took a second job for the weekends and evenings, all so he could place a bi-weekly pile of cash into that broken time machine and press the “send” button.  Nothing left for rent, nothing to give to the electricity company, no retirement.  He exhausted himself every day, becoming thinner and thinner, starving himself gradually as he tried to make yesterday right.

Unfortunately,  the only thing that was accumulating was a new pile of yesterdays to try and fix.

His friends tried to tell him that, if he’d just focus on what could be done from where he was, he could have everything that he was hoping to gain by investing so heavily in yesterday’s regrets.

He nodded his head and kept piling up the cash for the broken time machine.


There is no moral to this story, by the way.  Except perhaps a warning: don’t put so much energy into what’s behind you that you have nothing left to invest in today.



A Conundrum

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