Thank You

It’s been a surreal week, all things considered.  First came the news about the election.  I admit, I’m relieved that moderation seemed to win out.  Then came the e-mail from WordPress that my defense of the imperfect, messily-ever-after version of love was going to be featured.  Next, I had an epic disaster at work.  And then this wave of positive feedback…

The danger is in believing everything good you ever read about yourself, because then you also have to believe everything bad equally…  So far, I haven’t had any of the latter and plenty of the former.  Being grateful, however, is rarely a dangerous policy, and I am incredibly grateful.  It would seem I’m not the only one.

I’ve gone from 12 followers to 120+ followers in three days, which feels like a responsibility.  A good one, but a responsibility nevertheless.  Welcome, and I promise to put effort into making it worth the time it takes to read a post.

Thank You

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