Welcome to the Weird

It seems to be going like this…  major professional upheaval coupled with major personal milestones.

As of 1/6/2013, The Camellia Resistance was published.

The blurb says this:

2044. Willow Carlyle is the youngest cultural epidemiology research director in the history of the Ministry of Health and is on the fast-track for further promotion until a night of passion shatters her carefully constructed life. Marked and unemployed, Willow falls in with a band of dissidents. Everyone wants something. In the process of discerning friend from foe, Willow begins to unravel secrets that will shake the New Republic of America to its foundation.

And that’s all true.  It’s also about fear, and what happens after the worst thing you can possibly think of takes place.  It’s about the things we do to pretend like we’ve got control out of our lives.  It’s about the gap between what it was supposed to be and what it is.

Yes, I’ll go ahead and say it.  I’m proud of it.  It started its life as a 50,000 word draft in 2009 as the result of NaNoWriMo.  It’s now ~90,000 words and dramatically altered in every possible way from the draft I started with.  I’ve been blessed with friends who read the draft and, through all the coal dust, saw a diamond.  They gave me honest feedback and, when I was done with my hurt feelings, I listened and rewrote and rewrote again.

So…  it isn’t an expensive book – $2.99 on Amazon.  It also isn’t a perfect book, but it’s pretty damn good and it’s mine.  If you buy it and want to tell me what you think, I’m all ears.

Welcome to the Weird

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