Too Damn Old

I know it isn’t exactly stylish to sit in such self-satisfied ownership of your age, particularly when you’re on the north side of 20.  But can I just state for the record that I’m pretty happy to be too damn old for some of the foolish nonsense that seems to make sense to those in their 20’s.

  1. Standing around to get into a club.
  2. Compromising because someone else’s approval is more important to me than my own sovereignty.
  3. Standing around in the cold to get into a club.
  4. Thinking everything is about me and taking it all personally.
  5. Standing around with my booty hanging out of my skirt and getting frostbitten while I wait to get into a club.
  6. Believing what people say instead of watching what they do.
  7. Ignoring my intuition because it goes against what everyone else thinks.
  8. Apologizing for shit that isn’t my fault.
  9. Believing that I owe someone something that I never agreed to.
  10. Being easily manipulated.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we valued people who act their age?  I’m not talking about getting stultified in your routine or calcified in your thinking.  I’m talking about hitting 30-something and making some damn use of the experiences you had in your 20’s.

Too Damn Old

2 thoughts on “Too Damn Old

  1. This is great. Me, I’m a twenty-something, and I try to avoid all of those things on your list. I look up to those who are older -with more experience than I- who use their accumulated wisdom to live their daily lives! Why act as immature as a child when you’re not one? Nice post.


  2. Haha – I love this! Well, I’m 43 and I’m just now starting to make some damn use of the experiences I had in my 20’s and 30’s. Sad but true. But then, I was always a late bloomer 😉


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