Just a drive-by note on sequestration.

  1. If we have to make our peace with that weirdo George in policy who picks his nose at his desk and insists on debating the constitutionality of the Louisiana Purchase before he’ll pass judgement on that thing that was due five minutes ago, Congress can put on their collective big girl panties and get on with doing their jobs.
  2. This is a giant pissing contest intended to win the approval of a populace that happens to be judging the winner from the middle of the field.  How likely do you think it is that we’ll look favorably on the schmucks that just spent the past two years pissing on us?

Look, we all know that the days of solving governmental problems by throwing cash at them are over.  That’s a good thing.  We all need to recognize that the mentality that got us here – “cut that program over there that doesn’t actually impact ME” – has to end.  Everything needs to be trimmed.  We need to automate where we can.  We need to consolidate programs and functions.  We need to simplify, simplify, and simplify again.  We also need to remember that we can’t have everything.  When we paid Clinton-level taxes, we had a balanced budget.  And the 90’s are pretty universally remembered as a time of prosperity.   Do the math.

We’re in a mess that we created.  We created it by consistently sending the prom king or queen to represent us in Congress – all style and no substance – and now we’re surprised that they’re too busy preening on Fox/CNN/MSNBC to do any damn work.  We created it by being greedy and wanting our tax breaks AND our special interest funding.  We won’t get out of it by demanding that other people sacrifice in order to preserve our entitlements.

Raise taxes, solve the budget crisis, balance the budget, and sensibly drag the US government into the technological revolution.  Shrink the size of the federal payroll through the wave of federal retirements that are inevitable.  Reward efficiencies instead of rewarding the ability to plod on doing the same old shit in the same old way.  But by all means, don’t screw over our soldiers in the process.

In other words, we all need to quit our entitled bitching and get on with it.


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