Truly, the Outer Limits of Philosophy


Verizon, which calls me up to remind me that I haven’t returned the equipment for which they promised to send a UPS box for.

Verizon, which has an unfindable address on their website, just in case you want to drive to BFE Virginia to drop off your equipment to get them to stop calling you.

Verizon, which has a phone number alongside that unfindable address, which goes to their wireless store, a location which does not accept equipment.

Verizon, where the employees at their wireless stores are cheerful and offer to connect you to their customer service line.

Verizon, where the customer service line will randomly hang up on you after you wait an eon to speak to someone.

Verizon, where the customer service line will lose you on hold indefinitely.

Verizon, which will never ever ever again enjoy my business.

I generally avoid anger.  I don’t like being angry.  I have conversations with myself about everyone doing the best they can with what they’ve got.  It didn’t work today.

So I’m going to sit down and breathe into my stomach and hope that the bile eases up.

Truly, the Outer Limits of Philosophy

3 thoughts on “Truly, the Outer Limits of Philosophy

  1. Entrope,
    Some wonderful clarity (some horrible too) comes with anger. Not the best lense to have in your bag, but handy when other stuff isn’t cutting it.


  2. Even if you find a location that says it accepts equipment, they “lose” the record of the return, and charge your account, and then you get to spend more time arguing about getting the charge reversed.

    Sorry, I guess that bit of bad news doesn’t help you breathe through the frustration.


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