This month, we’ve had an important family lesson: get all the facts before reacting.

My mother is not dying.  At least she’s not dying any faster than any of the rest of us.  After much drama and upheaval about mysterious shadows showing up on the CAT scan of her liver, those shadows turned out to be a manifestation of a known genetic anomaly where clusters of blood vessels form on her liver.  Her mom has it.  Her sister had it.  It’s an oddity, but not problematic until you sustain serious damage to your liver.

This outcome was always a possibility among the list of possibilities.  It was on the list right up there with the big C.  But there was no postponing the reaction until the outcome of the biopsy was known.  No, that would be too easy.  Apparently, there’s some value in having the entire family in a twist for a month, though what that value is…  let’s just say I’m not the witness you’d want to call because I’d be speaking up for the other side.


2 thoughts on “React

  1. Some people love have everyone in a twist over “might bes.” If they’re not dead, take a wait-and-see attitude. That’s my philosophy anyway. And even then. Most things work out for the best in the end, right? Maybe they’re happier dead…You can always get upset later if you need to. You will never regret being calmer and less troubled than you might have been.


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