Anything But…

Welcome to the government shut down and day two of burning through my vacation as a mandatory measure.   On one hand, I’m totally digging going for DAYS without speaking to my boss.  I mean, really.  This is the definition of bliss.  I’m also resolved that I will use this time to blow through the 40,000 words standing between me and a completed first draft of The Camellias book two.

On the other hand, I’ve made it to a routine doctors appointment, gotten my prescriptions picked up, and gotten re-suckered into watching back episodes of Ink Master.  Vortex of TV doom: 1.  Progress on book: 0.

I mean, I did re-read what I’ve got thus far and there are chunks of goodness there.  There are just a lot of gaps between the good stuff…  So.  I am resolved that I am not going to let another day go by before I add on to what I’ve got…  Just as soon as I get done catching up on the blogs I follow and take care of the very necessary task of telling everyone about my procrastination.


I’m such a dope.

Anything But…

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