I’m Not Special

And yet…

I don’t want to do it anymore.  It isn’t working, or being productive that I have a problem with.  It’s the layer of BS that gets added to every professional transaction.  I know what I’m good at: I can take any kind of prose, make it comprehensible to a given audience, order it logically, impose plain language standards on it, and otherwise make it professional and compelling.  I can do this for reports to Congress, scientific findings, engineering reports, and novels.  I can provide coaching on writing issues for individuals and groups.  I have this nascent idea about working with individuals who have something that they want to work out of their system through creative writing, though I have no idea how one would actually make an income with that.

I can write anything, so long as I don’t have to be the SME.  I know social media, so long as we aren’t trying to BS anyone.  I don’t think BS is a sustainable marketing approach, therefore I’m not a proponent of it.  I can do internal communications, however I am convinced that there has to be an internal alignment between leadership behaviors, company values, and organizational culture.  You can’t have any one of these things opposing the other and expect for a message to drown out the dissonance.

Sign me up to do any of those things.  Don’t ask me to praise the emperor’s pants when he isn’t wearing any.  I think my intolerance for BS has finally become so acute that I am no longer fit for employment.  The truth is that I simply have run out of the will for it.  I should be terrified by the prospect of another round of unemployment, this time without the benefit of unemployment insurance.  That fear should make me appropriately compliant.  Yes sir, whatever you say sir…

I’m not afraid.  I’m also not so special that I should be exempt from working.  We all have to do things we don’t like to get through things like student loans and keeping our cars in gas and oil.  I know this.  It isn’t that I think I should be exempt for any particular reason.  I just don’t know why it should be so hard.  I just want to do what I’m good at and be left alone to get on with it…

Which I think comes out as an extended whinge.  It can’t be helped.  I am feeling deeply whingy.

I’m Not Special

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Special

  1. Entrope,
    I’ve steered clear of Hamlet for over 30 years (some sort of Opheliaphobia I suspect). Your exactness is a delight, thanks for not going for my jugular with the misspelling of Whinging…..all my crappy spelling come to think of it.

    In your case I wouldn’t think brevity was the sole of these operations…..there is a dynamic in your sparseness……it’s definitely floating above your base.

    So your less is more, whether you are bitching about work woes or revising an instruction manual for how to rebuild a dishwasher.

    Pardon me for saying so, but you are special.


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