I am sick.  Not in the usual, slightly twisted and prone to making inappropriate jokes variety of sick, but in the mainlining lemon and honey in hot water kind of way.  This awful feeling in my throat hinted at its coming to stay as I crawled into bed.  By the time I woke up at 1:00 because I’d had so much water the day before, it had moved in like Aunt Marge and her brandy-drinking dog at Privet Drive.  (For you non-Harry Potter fans out there, the gist here is that my inflammatory guest refuses to be ignored.)  My glands are swollen, it hurts to swallow, and my head is throbbing.  Sneezing is agony.   It occurred to me that, were I gainfully employed in a full time, show up at the office kind of way, I would call in sick.  But the dogs still needed walking, and my office is in the next room…

With this auspicious beginning to a Monday, and spurred on by a friend who sent me this TechCrunch Article, I’m thinking about reinvention.  That thread is all tangled up with the recent Russell Brand brouhaha over global revolution and our good-for-enabling-billionaire-arseholes-but-not-much-else political class.  Mix in the snotty cloud that is interfering with my thinking and you come up with … not much.  An acute (if vague) sense that things can’t go on like this.  It isn’t exactly a utopia that I’m after, but that we’ve tried this grand experiment made up of:

  • Increasingly large distances between us and anything real
  • Rampant individualism which is just a nice way of saying profound isolation
  • Fear-mongering in the media because the fastest way to get someone to spend money is to introduce anxiety into the picture
  • Too much asking “how” instead of asking “why” or “is it sustainable”
  • Turning everything into a commodity and marginalizing anything that successfully resists
  • Divorcing work from meaning
  • Paying the people that add the least to society the most money and driving the people without whom our world would fall apart into near-poverty
  • Putting money ahead of just about every other value
  • Disposable everything
  • The systematic destruction of critical thinking skills because people who think are not so easily led
  • An education system built around compliance and memorizing instead of problem-solving and building capacity
  • The sale of our government to the highest bidder
  • Abdication of our duty to think through the second and third order effects

(I could go on) and the experiment has failed.  It’s failed miserably.  So maybe we need to come up with a new way of looking at things – something outside of the “isms” that insist there is one good answer and only one, which happens to be the one I’m espousing at any given minute.

Now I’m going to go sneeze some more.



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