NaNo 2013

Technically, I should be finishing The Camellia Rebellion, now already 52,000 words into the first draft.  But that doesn’t follow the rules of NaNoWriMo.  It isn’t like anyone is keeping score or anything, but I feel honor-bound to abide by the rules if I’m going to play.

One of my favorite LM Montgomery books is The Blue Castle.  I don’t think it is even still in print at this point – at least I tried to look it up on Amazon and as we all know, if it ain’t on Amazon, it doesn’t exist.  It is a lovely little romance with heaps of humor and kindness and I read it at least once a year.  Except, in true LM Montgomery fashion, it is remarkably sexless.  Which doesn’t exactly seem fair.  Beloved Valancey must have gotten some somewhere, it’s only right.

So for NaNoWriMo, I’m rewriting it.  Kind of like Warm Bodies is really Romeo and Juliette.  It is, but it isn’t.  The goal is to reconnect with writing just because it’s fun and my fantasy life is an improvement over my real life.  Well, only in some ways.  My friends are WAY better than my fantasy life has ever been.  I couldn’t have imagined the lot of them if you’d given me a million years and a bunch of LSD.  They’re astounding and I’m incredibly lucky.  But other than that, my fantasy life is more fun than my real life.  Because you can deal with the sticky parts of life with a montage and a good song in the fantasy and in real life, you just have to slog through it.

That’s the plan in any case.  Let’s see what I get done tomorrow.  At the very least, I’m at least having loads of fun dreaming up a truly dreadful family of origin.

NaNo 2013

One thought on “NaNo 2013

  1. Rewrites are always fun! But they can be tricky to get right sometimes. Warm Bodies was a decent treatment of R+J. I’m actually really annoyed by the Romeo and Juliet story because I’m not generally into the young, irrational love story trope, but Warm Bodies was sweet and gritty enough to not be romantically puke-inducing 😛 Good luck!


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