The Contrarian and I went out to my dad’s for Thanksgiving this year.  It was a lovely afternoon and my dad did that thing that he does that I adore.  He told stories.  My dad’s stories are generally filled with one or more of the following: generosity, humor, gratitude, or grace.  His wife cooked and we ate ourselves stupid.  And I got to feel proud of myself because my sweet potato pie is better than hers.  If you knew her, you’d know what a feat this is.

We wandered over the hill behind my dad’s house, alongside the corn field.  We were in search of the graveyard my dad’s wife had promised us, but got distracted by falling-down buildings.



Eventually, we found a cemetery with a caved-in grave that the Contrarian swears is home to a fox.  I’m sure a coffin would be a lovely place to have little fox cubs protected from whatever it is out there that eats fox cubs.


So on my list of reasons to be thankful this year:

  • My sisters.  Not everyone gets siblings that they genuinely like.  I’m incredibly lucky in this.
  • My parents.  They’re both in reasonable health, for which I’m especially grateful.
  • Notification (as of yesterday) that I have a new job.  It’s one I’m excited about and really happy to be starting.
  • My friends.  The Contrarian, who wants me to go back to being her roommate.  Tink, who just gifted the world with another smart, interesting person (in the form of a squalling potato of a newborn).  Lily the dog (why shouldn’t she qualify on the list of friends?)  TC, who is good for keeping me grounded and laughing.  SBS, who is apparently still talking to me after I was rather free with my declarations.  CL who talked me out of my rabid funk.  Ratwell, who is just consistently wonderful.  TM and her son E, who provide me with baby therapy when I really need it.  Diego, who wants to go back to being my roommate.  Xtrology (@xtrology) who gives a shit all the way from LA.
  • My car is holding up wonderfully considering that it is 7+ years old and over 100k miles.
  • I’m sleeping tonight under the worlds best wool duvet and I’ll be perfectly warm but never too hot.
  • Did I mention Lily?  She’s a pretty awesome little dog.

I could go on, but I think I’ll let it go there.  I’m a lucky girl, there’s really no other way to see it.  I’m very lucky, and very grateful.


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. night owl says:

    Congrats on the job!
    I love gratitude lists. They pull me out of the doldrums often.
    I got that book you recommended – “No Enemies Within” and started readying it last night. It is AWESOME. Thank you.


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