Politics of the Worst Possible Sort

I mean office politics. 

Professionally, I’m not for them.  Personally, I wonder what went tragically awry in high school that the workplace has to be the venue for rehashing/reliving it all. 

  1. Why is it the people who are most determined to be leaders (and most put out when it doesn’t happen) the people who are least prepared to lead?  Universally, the individuals I’ve come across who want to be in charge so badly it oozes out of every pore are the same people who seem incapable of putting what’s best for the team ahead of their own need for validation/recognition.  If you can’t meet that basic standard – mission/team first, ego second – then you aren’t fit for leadership. 
  2. Don’t people realize that snarking and sniping and bitching and moaning eventually come back around to making you look bad?  To quote Hugh McLeod, welcome to Nobody Gives a Shit, population: everyone.
  3. Do you think that I won’t notice that you bitch about everyone, which makes the likelihood that you’re going to bitch about me increase about a million-fold? 
  4. Boundaries, people.  Boundaries. 
  5. Also: Grow up.

I think that’s enough for one day.  I’m going to go back to dreaming about brainwashing the entire world with The Four Agreements.  Take nothing personally.  ( It ain’t about you.)  Be impeccable with your word.  Don’t assume.  Do your best. 

Everything is easier when you make your peace with the fact that it just isn’t about you…  And I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t want to make their daily life just a little easier.

Politics of the Worst Possible Sort

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