London Book Fair

Sometimes, conceding defeat is the only option.  In this case, I’ve given up on the idea that I can do what needs to be done for the book on my own.  I’ve gotten some help in the publicity department.  As a result of this concession, I’ve had to write a new bio for myself.  The Camellia Resistance is also at the London Book Fair this week, which is what she really wanted me to write about.  Instead, I’m blathering about the bio.  Nothing is more awkward than trying to make a pretty routine life of commuting and bureaucracy into something exciting enough to warrant 350 words.  Couldn’t I just tell you why Morrigan is my favorite woman ever?  She shows up in the last 1/3 of the book and she’s amazing.  Don’t ask me how I found her, she’s certainly too good to have come from me.

Anyway, I was trying to write the bio, and what wanted to come out was this whole thing about talent and drive and how there’s no possible explanation for why anyone would want to take on writing.  In act one it is just you and a blank page and you’ve got to create something real from absolutely nothing.  For all the writing advice books in the world, there is no how-to manual.  Some days every word hurts.  It’s like trying to build a life-sized structurally sound castle out of match sticks.  Then you get to the second act, where you tear the whole thing down and re-configure it.  Normal people call this re-writing, or editing.  You go through trying to find holes, plugging them, finding out that the hole is much bigger than you thought, and rebuilding whole sections in order to fix it.  Finally, in act three, you send this poor creature that can’t help the flaws it was born with out in to the big bad world to face an audience of people who don’t have to love it like you do.  And it goes out there all on its own to either stand or fall.  It’s past your control now, you can only watch helplessly from the sidelines.

Seriously, only a crazy person would do this.  I’d like to think I’m not crazy, which begs the question…  Why?

I don’t have a good answer.

None of this actually ended up in the bio, incidentally.

London Book Fair

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