Wasn’t Expecting That…

I have to say…  I have fantastic taste in the people I love. 

Even I wasn’t expecting that to come out of my mouth, not today for sure. 

But I’m going to stand behind it.  So there are a lot of flaws, collectively.  I mean, a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t throw a parade over, more tears than I would choose if given an option, things that I could legitimately slap a mofo over.  But I’m interested in point of origin for the outcomes.  Tears shed as a result of behavior rooted in malice or cowardace or laziness, well those are a different kind of tear. 

Categorically, the people I love do dumb shit.  But the dumb shit they do is categorically rooted in how badly they want to get it right.  If I end up crying over someone wanting really badly to do the right thing and getting really lost in how to pull that off…  well, okay.

Wasn’t Expecting That…

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