Q & A

Wouldn’t it be nice to find the grand unified theory to everything?  The one answer that pulls everything together and, once it’s discovered, changes everything that follows?  It’s the same fantasy we have about moving or traveling: this one thing is going to change, and everything will be different after that.  As a middle-schooler, I was convinced that if I just went away for the summer and came back skinny, everything would be different.  I’d go spend the summer with an aunt, but I’d take myself along for the trip.  I never came home skinny: it isn’t like they keep a supply of motivation to take up running and it can only be found in Michigan…  And it isn’t like there is something in the air in Michigan that makes you suddenly lose your taste for ice cream.

I digress.  

In some ways, any small change means that everything after will be different, but not in the way that you think, and never as fast as you think.  Because whatever changes in knowledge or circumstance, you still carry yourself with you.  Your habits, your body, your history, your fears. 

More important than the grand unified answer is how you choose to live with the questions.   The questions you can be sure of.  They don’t change with circumstance or location.  You’re always stuck with wondering how to be the best person you can be, how to achieve balance, how to best serve a purpose.  The answers?  They change with time, perspective, location…  the answers are unreliable.  It’s the questions you can count on.

So can you create a peacable co-existance with your questions?  Personally, I recommend approaching them with curiosity rather than judgement, but that’s just me.

Q & A

2 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Expansive Entrope.,

    You’re so slender at evaluations…sometimes I sense the universe spinning in a teacup riding on a saucer getting sauced off the tip of your nose.


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