My Punk PhD

There is no such thing as a PhD program specifically for what I want to study.  If there were, there’s no official job I can aim for with the credential.  A make-it-yourself PhD program is possible, but I’m not allowed to incur any more educational debt until I pay off the Master’s degree.  Besides, that’s a lot of money just for the privilege of designing a degree program yourself, writing the essays yourself, and then writing a dissertation.  You’re basically paying people to read your stuff and say “yeah, that sounds about right, have you thought about this obscure thing?”

That’s a lot of money just to have someone ask you if you’ve considered some obscure aspect of philosophy or mythology or fiction.

So I’m going to do it myself.  If I get far enough that other people believe in my expertise and I get a TED talk out of it, we’ll call that my dissertation and graduation all in one.

My reading list thus far consists of Jung, Joseph Campbell (thanks RR), Orwell, and some books that I already have on my shelf about Propaganda.  I’ll put my resulting essays (minus the academic language of self-congratulations for being a smarty pants) on the blog.  My readers can grade me, tell me when I’m full of shit, and point out the obscurities that I need to be chasing down.

My program of study is the practical applications of mythology and story.  It’s going to need a dose of anthropology, brain physiology, psychology, and …  suggestions?  Anyone want to add to my reading list?

It isn’t like I have anything more pressing to do…  save finishing the next book.

My Punk PhD

One thought on “My Punk PhD

  1. Pragmatic Punk Entope,
    Yeah, this sounds about right…. You and Willow seem to be on similar journeys at the moment – outside of convention, without a veil and largely fueled by ovarian validation.
    Crack off…whatever the fuck you feel like cracking off, I’m looking forward to it.


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