Guest Post The Camellia Resistance

Just guest blogging on a virtual book tour…

Editor Charlene

I’m hosting a guest post today for The Camellia Resistance, a dystopian / urban fantasy novel. Enjoy.

Guest Post

bookcoverIn one of my favorite novels by one of my favorite authors, a narrow swords-woman manages to put off the death-blow that is inevitably coming to her by catching her opponent’s curiosity. His need to know what happens next is his undoing. As she allows her story to unwind detail by detail, she maneuvers herself into a stronger position, executes a last-minute thrust and kills the man. (The Innkeeper’s Song, Peter S. Beagle)
In less dire circumstances, it is curiosity that keeps us digging into the next page, the next chapter, until we’ve answered that most irresistible of questions: what happens next?
It’s no different for the writer. Curiosity is our downfall and we chase it eagerly, consequences be damned. What happens after the worst thing you can think of…

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Guest Post The Camellia Resistance

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