Interview With A.R. Williams!!!!

The virtual book tour arrives at Slayer of YA Fiction… interview edition.

Hey guys, so as the title reads I currently did an interview with the lovely A.R. Williams and loved her answers from the time I read them as well as reading her book, which the post is below if you want to read it. Also keep reading till the end for the giveaway guys! Anyways enjoy this treat.

1. When writing “The Camellia Resistance” did any of your childhood adventures give you inspiration?

It was more the adventures that I didn’t have as a kid that fed into the inspiration for the book. I grew up in a pretty restrictive conservative Christian faith. A lot of the culture was built around being afraid of the big bad secular world, and so the list of things that we didn’t do was pretty long. I wanted to write about starting in a place of fear and dealing with what happens when the…

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Interview With A.R. Williams!!!!

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