A panhandler asked me for a dollar to buy a cup of coffee on my way home from work.  I don’t carry cash as a rule, but I took out my headphones to hear his request and then answered him in full sentences.  I watched three other people walk by like he was invisible even as he spoke directly to him.  Granted, I think I’d be too ashamed to ask strangers for money, but how horrible it would be to have people react like you simply don’t exist?

Which isn’t to say I’ve never done it.  I’m bad when approached in a car.  And I’m unlikely talk or give you money if you are insulting Democrats, just because the cognitive dissonance… I mean really.  You want my handout, but God forbid the government use tax payer dollars to help out homeless vets. Which you also claim to be.

But this is a project for my awareness.  I’m gonna try not to act like people don’t exist. 

Except on a crowded metro.  There, I reserve the right to pretend I’m in my happy place.


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