A Contest and an Offer

The Contest

Book two – The Camellia Reckoning – is getting to the home stretch of the drafting phase.  I’m fleshing out the rest of the Ministries in the New Republic, and I need some names.   The prize on offer is the naming of one of the following:

Chief of Staff to the Minister of Enterprise:

Minister of Infrastructure:

Chief of Staff to the Minister of Infrastructure:

Minister of Administration:

Chief of Staff to the Minister of Administration:

Being the author and just a little willful about the names, I’m going to pick winners by the best suggestions.  It will be completely subjective, but in my defense, the names do have to fit with everything else.  I’m looking for a mix of male and female names, and for these characters, I’m leaning towards classic names that aren’t overdone.  Lance, for example, was on my list of potential male names.

The rules are as follows:

1) you must be a follower, either here on the blog or on Twitter.

2) You get one name submission for every retweet or re-blog.

3) Send your proposed character name and a link to the re-tweet or re-blog to a.reid.williams (at) gmail.com.  You can put multiple submissions into a single e-mail.

4) Do all of this by midnight, 7/31/2014.  I’ll post the results on Saturday, 8/2/14.

The Offer

For any readers who are in book clubs…  I will send a signed copy of the book to the first ten people who convince their book club to read the book.  If your book club is interested in talking to me, I’ll join the post-reading discussion as well.  We can figure out the logistics on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re interested, e-mail me (address above).

A Contest and an Offer

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