a pretty good year

It seems odd to make that claim so close to my mother’s death.  This was a year that saw the return of my mother’s cancer, a move, a break-up of disastrous proportions, the end of a job, and the rapid deterioration of my mother’s health, concluding in her death.

But it was also a year wherein I discovered just how strong my relationship is with my sisters.  I got back into the pool this year and found a little peace underwater.  I got solid with what passes for spirituality.  I added a new and lovely mentor to my collection of smart women that are willing to tell me when I’m full of shit.  I’ve spent more time interacting with my niece this year. There were book reviews and new followers and real progress towards being done with TCR II.  I got to cuddle with my nephew.  And I was positioned perfectly to be there for my mother’s last breath.

Nobody is calling it a pretty easy year.  Not much to claim by way of having a pretty joyful year.  But if good includes growth, or grounded, or stronger, or more solid, or smarter, or braver, or in better alignment…  If good includes being in a place now to ride with whatever happens next…  Then it was a pretty good year.

a pretty good year

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