An Anarchist, a Socialist, and a Libertarian All Get on a Train Together…

It’s like the beginning of a bad joke, right?  But there I was, on the train, listening to these three guys get into it.  The Socialist (from Oxford) started in with something about the White House, extremists, racists, and the Tea Party.  The Libertarian interrupted (an old white dude) to explain that Tea Partiers aren’t extremists or racists, they just think they’re being taxed too much and, with much vigor, informed the Socialist that he should get his facts straight before he started talking about American politics.

The Socialist left the train thereafter, and the Libertarian turned around to engage the seat companion of the Socialist, who informed the Libertarian that he was, as it turns out, an Anarchist.  They had a brief cozy about how the Socialist was uninformed, and then the surreal little scene dissolved and all went their merry way.

Being a fly on the wall came with its own satisfaction, but I would have loved to talk to them at greater length, to put the fear of my Father’s favorite question into them…  “What happens if you take that to its full and logical conclusion?”  My dad is a pretty smart guy.  He’s been overdosing on Fox news lately, but he used to say two pretty smart things.

1) Every generation has always felt like they were living at the end of the world.  And yet the world carries on.

2) If the right is pissed off and the left is pissed off, then the government is probably exactly where it needs to be.

And finally, my favorite John Stewart quote…  “Be reasonable!”  But you have to say it with that parental whine of his…

An Anarchist, a Socialist, and a Libertarian All Get on a Train Together…

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