blind spot

Well, one of many.

I don’t get people who can function without music.  My sister is one of those people and it is entirely mysterious to me.  Currently, I’m on Google Play, listening to the “calm before the storm” radio station, sitting in my favorite chair with my be-heeled feet up on my newish gilt buy: a red pouf. (Yes, I wear heels when I write.  I don’t know why, but it helps)  I could be sitting here in silence, but why would anyone do that?  Music helps create a mood, and it keeps the twitchy part of my brain engaged so the flow part of my brain can work without interruption by whatever shiny thing happens to be passing by.

Imagine living in an era where music on-demand was the domain of the super wealthy.  I mean, anyone can sing, so I guess that part’s free.  But the wealth embedded in our cloud access to unlimited music is a wealth we take for granted.  (See Bernhoft – Stay With Me.)  Seriously.  Think about it.  If you’ve got a song to carry with you wherever you go, you’ve got an amazing experience on demand.  Someone to sing exactly the thing you want to hear at the exact time you want to hear it, someone with the words that make the unbearable bearable.

And there are people indifferent to that kind of blessing.

Yeah, I just don’t get it.

blind spot

5 thoughts on “blind spot

  1. Sigh – I’m sure I’m not the first to say this – entropy isn’t a constant. The disorder of a system always increases. So shoot me why don’t you?


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