Late to the GOT Argument…

… about rape.  So GRRM was asked about the Sansa story arc and how it differs from the books.  He said, more or less, that the decision was made to give Sophie Turner a story-line that would be challenging for her as an actress.  Fair enough.

While acknowledging that rape is a fundamental factor in the lives of women over millenia, up to and including today where ISIS rapes women, the women of Sierra Leone survived civil war with visible and invisible scars as the result of rape…  basically google any conflict you can think of and add rape to your search term and you’ll find the stories.  GOT is a fantasy based in the political happenings of the Middle Ages, and again, rape is historically prevalent and represented equally in the books and in the show (though perhaps not quite as explicitly in the books as on the show because it’s HBO and …  boobs).

So while all of that is true…  Sansa gets raped because the way to give an actress a meaty role is to have her survive systematic spousal rape?  Is there no emotionally challenging story line for women that doesn’t involve her reproductive function?

And on GOT, there is.  Arya is getting to grow without being raped (so far.)  The Sand Snakes seem more or less in charge of themselves and throw around swords, so there is that.  And overall, it’s fiction, it’s HBO, and the show isn’t dismal when it comes to letting women function as fully realized human beings.  I just read that quote and thought really?  That’s the best the showrunner could do to provide Sophie Turner with a challenge?  

Late to the GOT Argument…

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