I’ve crosed the 1,000 follower mark here on WordPress, a milestone I never much considered, it being so far from my expectations as to be theoretical as opposed to real-world potential.  Thank you.  Welcome.  I’m grateful there are no trolls in the crowd to attend to, so thank you for being nice.

This blog started in 2005 after I’d left a particularly crazy company (well, in retrospect, about average crazy…  there is just a lot of crazy to be had).  A colleague and friend had started a blog about perfume and the only thing I really had to talk about was my ongoing sense of alienation in the workplace.  So that’s what I wrote about.  And then the husband turned into ex husband, and I just never ran out of things to say.  At first it was mostly to myself and because fore-mentioned friend wanted to see my take on the crazy people we’d both gotten away from at the company.  Then it was mostly to keep track of things I needed to remember.  That’s what it was until November of 2012, when a post I wrote called “A Theory of Love” came to the attention of WordPress curators and suddenly, it couldn’t just be about my internal dialogue anymore.

I don’t have a story with a capital S.  Loads of people are dissatisfied with their professional lives.  Too many of us have been through a divorce.  We can all claim at least a period of time in which we’ve been a romantic disaster.  I’m making something of a career of it, but even that isn’t unusual.  The *only* thing I’ve got that I am pretty sure no one else had, is Neal.  Neal’s legacy is this mix of muscular love, ferocious honesty, faith, compassion, and strength.  He was never mushy, but always kind.  Long after he passed, it was Neal’s letters that finally brought me to a place where I am okay with who I am, ruthless about protecting my umami, and perpetually striving to get a little closer to the bravery he demonstrated in life.  So I think I have something to say about rock bottom and getting through and loving fiercely because Neal had something to say about all of that.  He was a gift to me that I didn’t know how to ask for, and if I can spread just a little bit of that into the world, I think I should.  Because he was utterly amazing.

That stuff out of the way, I feel like I should mention my gratitude for TEC who is somewhat responsible for my output over the past 8 or 9 months.  First, he asked me why I wasn’t writing about what was going on with mom, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world that I should.  Second, he fussed at me with some seriousness when I said I was considering giving up on writing.  TEC doesn’t fuss much, but when he does, I am inclined to listen.  So thank you, TEC.

Feel free to talk back to me, just not on Facebook, which I’m convinced is run by the devil.  I never go there.  I’m @entrope on twitter, I think this will take you to my g+ page, and if you really have something to say, you can e-mail me at a.reid.williams (at) gmail.com.


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