How it Went

By all reports, it went well.  I spent the two days before the book release party wandering my neighborhood and muttering out my speech.  Notecards don’t work so well for me, perhaps because if you write out every word beforehand, you lose fluidity when you’re standing up in front of everyone.  Instead, I muttered the general outline of what I wanted to stay until I had something more or less memorized and practiced.  I’m telling you, the neighbors thought I was crazy.

My publicist had us uber-prepared, so there was no last-minute panic when it came time to set up.  People came, which was a relief.  I don’t know which is more scary: no one coming, or more than you planned on coming.  Neither happened, so kudos again to Isoke for having everything under control.

I haven’t gotten the pictures to download as of yet, but this was the backdrop for the event, thanks to  I’ll post some pictures after I get the password to download them.

How it Went

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