We hired a photographer, right?  Apparently when the event’s about your book, you end up in a boatload of photos.  Which is exactly what happened.

So the handsome guy is Diego, a long-time friend who came along for the ride.  In the lower right corner, I’m draped around a former student from the way-back-when time machine.  I taught her photography back in … 2002?  I’m including the photo in the top right because I actually laugh like that, but I don’t always wear red lipstick.

I wouldn’t otherwise include a solo picture of me, but my best friend sent those flowers because she couldn’t make it herself.  I made the photographer take the picture, I figured I’d better do something with it.  The handsome guy up there in the bottom right corner is Marshall, the inspiration for the Marshall in the books.  His hands really are the size of sledgehammers.  (I should note that Marshall’s name and a few physical details are the *only* bits of the book that correspond to real life.  All other similarities are purely coincidental.)  In the top right corner, I’m talking to a librarian in Maryland


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