Getting Back to Normal

It’s taken me a few days (weeks?) to get back to normal.  The wine glasses needed washing prior to storage, the extra wine and the leftover books are still in the back of my car…  You know, little by little and all that.  And then there was the small issue of getting the book onto Amazon etc.  Which brings me to the realization…  I haven’t posted any words on the subject of the book being published and available and all that good stuff.

Small oversight.

So I have updated my author page at Amazon.  The book is also available for Kindle.  If you do read either book (or any of my naughty offerings) please leave a review.  Reviews make a huge difference in the life of any author and your voice via Amazon or Goodreads carries as much or more weight than that of any professional critic out there.  For two reasons.  First, your fellow readers tend to trust other readers.  Just as you check the reviews before buying a book, other readers want to know what they’re getting into.  Two, I read the reviews and I use the feedback to get better.

That’s enough of the book talk for now…

Getting Back to Normal

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