Graverobbers and Cockroaches

Enough with the seriousness.  Let’s talk about homemade cockroach killer.

There’s this legend about grave robbers in the time of the plague using a blend of essential oils dripped into handkerchiefs and then held over the face to protect against the plague.  If you look up “thieves” and “blend” together on Google, you’ll come across some people who feel very proprietary about the words put together.  They sell an oil blend with a name you’ve probably put together already, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing something similar at home.

I don’t remember what the official recipe is, but here’s what I do: Pine, Cypress, Cedarwood, Clove, Eucalyptus, and whatever else I happen to have hanging around.  I get my essential oils primarily through Wellington Fragrance, but they are not the only purveyors out there.  I am never particular about the proportions, but 1:1 isn’t a bad start.  Mix up a batch of the oil and then use it as you see fit.  A few drops in hot water plus some vinegar does a great job for cleaning floors.

The stuff kills cockroaches and repels critters.  Get yourself a spray bottle, fill it up with cheap vodka and add a couple of ounces of your essential oils.  Spray a cockroach on site until he’s upside down and he’ll die.  (I know this because we get the american cockroach around here.  He climbs up from the sewers into the drain in the basement and he freaks me the eff out.)

Not only is the stuff non-toxic, the crazy Lily-dog loves it.  Like she goes nuts when I spray it around and rubs herself in whatever stray droplets she can find.


Graverobbers and Cockroaches

3 thoughts on “Graverobbers and Cockroaches

  1. Entrope,

    Cool Lily-Dog scene…she has an air of “whatever I feel like doing” about her. 🙂

    There are all kinds of crazy flying, Samba and swimming roaches in Miami, we used to have them drop by for cocktails on our boat. We used little ribbons of Borax for a while – messy and we were regularly hauling away carcasses. A local turned us onto a non-toxic paste (you could probably make your own with oils) and you just dab some on the hinges inside any of your under-the-sink cupboard doors (out of the way). I’m not sure what the deal with the paste was, but they would go somewhere else to die…less morgue work.



  2. I can’t remember what the stuff was called. I’ve been on land the past few years and our building maintenance guys use something that comes in a syringe…the next time I see them, I’ll ask, but it’s probably not all that organic. Cupboard hinges aren’t something you touch except maybe once a decade though…just wear gloves if you are painting, clean your screwdriver tip with alcohol etc.


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