IMG_20151129_200200There has been an addition to the family.  Meet Lucky, also (affectionately) known as FatBoy.  He doesn’t like hands, but he likes feet and he’s on semi-permanent loan from a friend.

To talk about Lucky, we first have to talk about buying a house in an area where American cockroaches live in the sewers and avail themselves of my basement drain to invade the house.  While these jokers are close to two inches long and horrifying, they are not the infesting cockroaches like their German counterparts.  They may wander into the kitchen, but they don’t hang around in the same way as their smaller Germanic cousins.  Still, I wasn’t having it.  I found a green exterminator company and their nice people showed up with non-toxic bug repellent and glue traps.

I have to admit a certain unholy glee at seeing these big effing cockroaches desiccating on the glue traps.  My compassion does not extend to items with antennae.  However, when I found a half-dead mouse on one of them, I had a major crisis.

Which is not to say that I’m excited about a mouse living in my basement, but that I’m less excited about a mouse dying over three or four days stuck in a glue trap.  That was one of the more horrible nights I’ve had, and it represents the second time I’ve killed something.  The first death was a squirrel who ran into the road at the wrong time and I wasn’t able to brake fast enough.


What an awful feeling.  But the mouse was much worse.  Extracting him from the glue wasn’t feasible.  Death was coming, it was just a horrible choice between extending his suffering or getting it over with.  I wasn’t going to step on him.  I wasn’t going to put him in my freezer (as was suggested as an option).  I drown him.  It was horrible.  More horrible for him, but still.

This is how Lucky came to be a member of the family.  His litter box is in the basement, so there is cat smell permeating the space.  I’m hoping this will serve as a deterrent, as I don’t like the idea of the cat killing a mouse either.  There is also a new door coming for the basement, one that actually seals at the bottom.  Hopefully, the cat and the door will serve as sufficient prevention that I can both live a mouse-free existence and not have to live with the horrible, sick feeling that goes along with killing something.


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