Google Girl

It’s true.  I’m a google girl.  I have a nexus phone, a nexus tablet, and I run a good chunk of my life off of google products.  Today’s fave?  Keep.  Call it searchable post-it notes for your cloud.

Freemind’s limitation is that these large mind maps get unwieldy.  So much of my writing life happens between places.  The big map is great at the computer.  But if I’m on the bus trying to remember the name of the Ministries that comprise The New Republic of America, Freemind isn’t going to do the trick.

Which leads logically to Keep.  On my phone, in my pocket at all times, and there for me.

Honestly.  I love google.  Now, if they would just let you pick your own color scheme for your notes, I’d be a happy camper.

Google Girl

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