It’s a Small Life

This observation isn’t a complaint, just an observation.  I look around at who I spend time with and who I call…  Aside from working hours and relationships, my priorities by way of time and energy is family.  There is no straight answer as to what is going on with my father.  MS, medications, lingering aftermath of a horrible surgery that took place nine months ago…  Not sure.  But we turn inward.

Not the royal we; me and my sisters.  And my dad too.

Not too far from that core are my best friends from high school.  Tink and The Mixologist are in touch as they can manage it between work and their family demands.  Most everyone else is either on a long tether or has slipped away.

I’m grateful for my long-tether friends.  People who don’t hold long weeks of absence against me.  Friends who can start up from six months of radio silence with no feelings and no awkwardness, because none of this is personal.

Even those who have slipped out of orbit entirely.  No negative feelings about this because, for the most part, I think I understand.  We all have our reasons and our methodology for pursuing those reasons.  I can’t be mad about it.

And honestly, if it is going to be a small life, I have no cause to complain about the company.


It’s a Small Life

One thought on “It’s a Small Life

  1. It’s a matter of quality and not quantity. A few good souls light up the darkness more than one thousand acquaintances. Good luck with your dad, been there.


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