Smart Rules: Everything Costs Something

It is my grand unified theory of everything: everything costs something.  Every cost comes with a benefit, every benefit comes with a cost.  You will have to pay one way or another.  Nothing is free.  

There is no point in getting worked up about this, it is a universal law.  There is no emotional content here, it isn’t personal.  Your highs will be countered by lows.  Both bring their lessons – the darkness carves out depth, the light provides strength: you will need both to grow into who you were meant to be.  Do not rail against the costs any more than you complain about the benefits.  Find your gratitude and apply it to the fact that the joys didn’t cost you more.  Apply it to the fact that every joy provides double the strength that every sorrow requires.  

And complaining about the fact that everything costs something makes you a whiner and a twat.  Don’t be a whiner and a twat.  

Also: don’t believe anyone who offers you a benefit without a cost.  They are either lying or stupid.  

Smart Rules: Everything Costs Something

2 thoughts on “Smart Rules: Everything Costs Something

  1. ETOC—Well put! A most excellent exhortation on the boring and predictable entitlement philosophy of the current age…victim’s, slackers, gluttons, etc., all have a whiny twat story to tell and they all end the same: I want something for nothing! Our nation was not built on this philosophy….DWD


  2. If you are feeling unkind, there is some satisfaction to be had in watching the surprise and horror when people figure this out… sometimes, I’m feeling downright evil. 😮

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