Strategic Threats

​Racism and bigotry are strategic threats to America.  Why?  Because they are open to exploitation by geopolitical adversaries.  This is our Achilles heel, the kind of thing that state actors like Russia can use against us to install the leader of their choice to power and non-state actors like ISIS are using as a recruiting tool.

Our greatest strength – diversity – also our biggest weakness when we start pointing to people who don’t look like us and blame everything on them.  When we are more afraid of each other than we are of threats to the bill of rights…  we end up with a President who has openly stated his intention to curtail freedom of speech; who promised to drain the swamp of lobbyists and fire all the generals, then turned around and offered the exact same people jobs that make policy that potentially impacts us all; who promised to save jobs as the great negotiator and already is making deals that only look good on the surface, but fall apart as soon as you get into the details.  

We played ourselves and all it took was a wink and a nudge in the right (wrong) direction…
Also: just because Hillary was a terrible candidate and the Democratic party needs to be torn down to its bones and rebuilt as something other than a corporate zombie doesn’t mean that racism and bigotry aren’t a strategic threat to this country.  The two things can be true at the same time.   

Strategic Threats

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