2016 could legitimately be remembered as the year of imbalance.  Many of us, me included, have come unmoored this year, tossed between the dire warnings about normalization and silence in a Trump world on one hand and drama mamma, sensationalist, prepper accusations on the other.  The only constant being fear and that dread that comes from anticipating something awful of unknown and unknowable dimensions.

Is the dread drama mamma?  There are very few of us that get the privilege of walking around blissfully unaware of our own vulnerability.  I found myself walking on an unfamiliar trail last week, it was still daylight, but waning, and I was profoundly assailable.  Just about anyone with the xy chromosome feels it under one circumstance or another.  Am I more assailable, more vulnerable now than I was on November 1?  Arguably, I am.  If you’re black, or brown, or visibly different, or suspected of being invisibly different, the spike in hate crimes tells a story.  And that story is a frightening one.  At least half of my chosen family isn’t white, and I’m scared for them.  I don’t think you can look at the evidence – I mean the evidence that exists outside Fox and Drudge etc. – and find that fear irrational.

My core philosophy goes back to a handful of things.  For the purposes of this discussion, the relevant maxim is that everything costs something: the universe demands balance.  It feels like there is a major flare-up in the argument between chaos and order – the two are always at odds and negotiating an ongoing truce – and for the moment, their uniforms are all mixed up and it is impossible to tell what bit represents chaos and what bit represents order.
Balance will be restored.  Because both are required.  Innovation comes out of chaos, predictability and safety come out of order.  One cannot reign over the other.   To whatever degree you veer to chaos or order, the universe will force a correction back in the other direction.  Attempting to put your thumb on the scales in one direction or the other will always result in an equal and opposite reaction.  It is inevitable and the wise among us knows this and pushes to the degree that they are willing to accept the backlash in the other direction.

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