One of these days, I’m going to re-focus on break-ups.  I’ve been doing breakup coaching for my niece (having attended the school of hard knocks on the subject and obtained something of a master’s degree in breaking up) and there is something that came up this week that seems relevant to more than just the affairs of the heart.

No one gets the choice between fantastic and awful.  There is never an easy option and a hard option.  Your options are always between one kind of difficult and another kind of difficult.  You can pick whether you are going to take your difficulties straight up with no chaser, or drink them slowly over a long period of time.  There are advantages and disadvantages to either option, but in the real world, you can bet that no choice is going to be cost-free.  Life is always like the choice to pay in cash vs. credit card.  You pay in cash, maybe you have to save and that requires you to limit the fun you have available to you over a period of time and that kind of sucks.  Or you pay with your credit card and you have the big ticket item right now to enjoy, but you’re going to pay 24.5% APR on that sucker forever, which limits your future choices.
Which is better?  Depends on what you value, but either way the choice is going to cost you.
Keep that in mind when celebrating victories, political or personal.
That can be taken as a downer, certainly, but it is also a good way to stay grounded.  I keep cautioning the niece to be a Lamborghini instead of a Wrangler.  You can take corners at speed and keep moving forward in the former because it stays close to the ground.  You take a corner at speed in a Wrangler (maybe just the old ones) and you’re likely to go arse over tea kettle because your center of gravity is high.  Still a trade off.  Still not a choice between perfect and imperfect…
Death, taxes, and the certainty that everything costs something.

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